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The 2019 NASBS Conference was held in Louisville, Kentucky at Southern Seminary. Jill Baughan was our speaker and Jason “Bubba” Stewart was our worship leader. Opening night we had a wonderful Derby Theme picnic. Friday night we enjoyed a fun time of food and fellowship on the Belle of Louisville. We enjoyed great fellowship and workshops and left with new ideas and friendships and ready to go back to our workplaces renewed and hopefully relaxed.
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Speaker: Jill Baughan


Jill was a great speaker. She helped us realize that we are not our pain. God created us for joy and we are so much more. 

Worship Leader: Jason "Bubba" Stewart


Bubba lead us in worship and to the feet of Christ. 

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Here's is what some of our attendees said about our 2019 NAMA Conference --

I feel encouraged and reminded of what my focus should be.

 I learned some practical tools for my job and enjoyed being among a group of women who work in an environment similar to mine.

Been in my position for 38 years, yet learn so much at each conference.

We asked the question: If you were to recommend this Conference to a friend or colleague, what would you say? Here are some of the responses:

  • You really need to attend. I recharged my batteries. 

  • You should go! It's a good way to meet people and take a moment to explore some areas in which you have interest or would like to grow.

  • You don't know what you are missing--classes, speakers, new and old lifelong friends, networking with others, re-charge your life, new ideas, new ways of doing things. 

  • Even after 36 years as a Financial Ministry Assistant I learn something at every conference. 

  • Be sure to attend NAMA Conferences! They are wonderful to get training you need and also meet new friends. 

  • It is a time that gives you time to learn new things. We can all google things, but we don't have time in our jobs to really study out things.