Hotel Lodging

There are 2 hotel lodging choices for the April 2021 NAMA Conference at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. There is The Riley Center that is on campus and Hampton Inn, which is less than 5 miles away from seminary. 


Conference ends Friday night, so you will want to stay over till Saturday.  

Conference ends Friday night, so you will want to stay over till Saturday. 

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The Riley Center

The Riley Center
Lodging arrangements may be made by calling The Riley Center directly at 877.474.4769. When making reservations you will need to let them know you are attending the NAMA Meeting. 

Single Queen $80
Single King $85
Double Queen $90
Deluxe Suite $100
Executive Queen Suite $115
Executive King Suite $125
Executive Suite $115
Rooms are available first come basis and due to limited rooms/beds available at The Riley Center. We strongly encourage you to room with other Ministry Assistants to utilize the beds available. If you are willing to share a room with someone please let us know at and we will try to connect you with someone that needs a roommate. 


Off Campus Hotel Accommodation

Hampton Inn

Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.  Please note that you will need to go under edit your stay to add the night of April 30 (click on edit stay (underneath the hotel picture) and then click on April 30 to change it to May 1 check out and click update). 

Hotel: Hampton Inn Fort Worth Southwest Cityview
Group Name: SWBTS Ministry Assistants Conference
Arrival Date: 27-Apr-2021
Departure Date: 1-May-2021
Rates: $89 a night plus taxes for either double rooms or king rooms; $129 a night plus taxes for king bed study with sofabed