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Workshop Descriptions

We are excited about the Workshop options we will have available at our 2019 Conference! Check out the list below and decide which ones you want to attend. Then, click HERE and register for them online.


Addiction- Not A Spectator! -- Lisa Yancey

Offered Thursday (Workshop 1) & Friday (Workshop 7)

If you love an addict, you know the following   statement to be true. “Addiction is not a spectator sport. Everyone gets to play.”  Is there hope for families caught in the merry-go-round of addiction? Come open God’s Word with fellow sojourner Lisa Yancey. Strength and wisdom can be found,  if we “lean not on our own understanding.”


Adobe InDesign – Beginner -- Maeghan Adams

Offered Thursday (Workshop 1)

Are you new to Adobe software products?  Are you making the leap from Microsoft Publisher or QuarkXpress to Adobe InDesign? Does the thought of learning a new software application make you break out in hives or want to run away? Have no fear your Adobe Instructor is here. In this class you will take the first steps to learn Adobe InDesign by being exposed to the toolbar, menus, windows, and the work state. By the end of the class you have the knowledge to start working in Adobe InDesign and be ready to tackle more intermediate InDesign skills.


Adobe InDesign - Intermediate -- Maeghan Adams

Offered Thursday (Workshop 2)

Are you working in Adobe InDesign but want to  sharpen your skills or take the next step from the  beginner level? Then, Adobe InDesign for  Intermediates is for you. In this session, we will  expand on what you may have already learned from Adobe InDesign Beginning session and dive deeper into the toolbar, menus, windows, and work state to help you create more interesting  designs and layouts.


Apps That Actually Help -- Troy Fulkerson

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 1) & (Early Bird 2)

Learn how free apps can lighten your load. Join us for an introduction to using Google Suites, Doodle Polls, Constant Contact, and more! We’ll also review some of the best practices for protecting your data and streamlining your work.


Biblical Conflict Resolution -- Peggy Berry

Offered Thursday (Workshop 1) & Friday (Workshop 5)

We all have conflict. It might not be a big blow up, but most of us regularly have tense conversations with a church member or difficulties working with  another staff member. This conference will help you be  prepared for any conflict that might arise at work or at home.

Charitable Contribution Issues -- Don Spencer

Offered Thursday (Workshop 2)

In the church financial arena, one area with the most  questions tends to be issues related to Charitable  Contributions. We’ll deal with questions like: “What contributions are tax-deductible?” “What about designated funds?” “What about restricted funds for a no longer  needed purpose?”  “How do we handle special gifts for  mission projects or for benevolent needs?”


Church Safety & Security -- Becky Moyer

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 2) & Thursday (Workshop 2)

We have a calling and responsibility to safeguard the  faithful. Do you and those in your ministry feel safe  whether at church, convention, or state office?  Let’s  explore some areas of assessment in preventing crime and violence in terms of security, safety, and use of non-lethal and armed responses.


Colorful Quiet Time -- Alicia Ashley

Offered Thursday (Workshop 1) & Friday (Workshop 7)

Color your way to calmness and serenity! Studies have shown that coloring is a great way to reduce stress. Come join us for a time of devotion and quiet time as we color our stress away. Coloring sheets and supplies will be provided. Packs of scriptural coloring cards will be available for  purchase at the class for $6 (check or correct cash only).


Creative Bible Journaling-Intro. -- Colleen Gaddie

Offered Thursday (Workshop 2 & Workshop 3)

Bible Journaling can be done in a variety of ways. It can be writing in your Bible or journaling your thoughts/prayers. And it can also be with ART SUPPLIES!!! In this class we will go over the basics and how to get started in this  journey. Bible Journaling has been a way for me to share my story. I started in 2015 and it has been a blessing that has brought so much inspiration into my life. Through tears, loss, victories, and promises, it has RESTORED my soul! God's Word has given me hope, and my prayer is that through the workshop and the art, God will speak LIFE into you! That your soul would be restored to Him, because it's all for His glory. Supplies will be provided, and additional products will be available for purchase in the class (cash only).


Developing a Devotional/Prayer Time -- Bert Spann

Offered Thursday (Workshop 3) & Friday (Workshop 5)

While many of us are busy with church work, our personal walk with Jesus often suffers. We want to walk closely with the Lord, but we find that business and distractions keep us from walking daily with Jesus. We will take a look at some time-tested practices to breath new life into your  daily devotional life. This is a chance to hit the restart  button on your personal quiet time.


Feeding the Soul -- Bert Spann

Offered Thursday (Workshop 4) & Friday (Workshop 6)

The Old Testament lays out a pretty exciting plan of  worship so that people could meet with the Lord and not forget their experience. The Lord tied this experience to a meal, and we will practice the same method of worship that our Old Testament brothers and sisters practiced years ago. Come join us as we bring out the groceries and learn how and why God wanted His people to worship Him in with this exciting method.


Finding Joy in Every Season of the Soul -- Jill Baughan

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 2), Thursday (Workshop 1) & Friday (Workshop 5)

Seasons of the soul have nothing to do with age, but rather your heart’s response to what’s happening in your life. In our time together, we’ll take a look at summer as a season of abundance and celebration; at fall as a time of transition and change; at winter as a time of loss and  hardship; at spring as a time of new beginnings. In this workshop (or weekend retreat), laughter is included and tears are a possibility. Joy, however, is guaranteed as you --

· Identify the season you’re experiencing now.

· Discover how God can love you (and how we can love each other) through each season.

· Emerge with specific tools that can help you thrive in your current season

Fit While You Sit -- Dr. Julie Lyles

Offered Friday (Workshop 5 & Workshop 6)

The negative effects of prolonged sitting, repetitive stress, and computer use can be minimized, reduced, and  oftentimes undone when you understand how the body tries to cope with those stressors and you learn how to properly support it. God didn't make it that hard to be healthy and after 22 years of helping thousands of patients restore healthy structure and function in Private Practice, Dr. Julie (Dr. Julie Lyles), former University Clinician and Executive Administrator, will help you identify where you could be preventing problems and how you could simply and efficiently be doing things daily to help your body  positively adapt versus deteriorate.


Handling Money in the Church -- Don Spencer

Offered Thursday (Workshop 1)

How a church handles its money is critical to strengthening and enhancing the church’s effectiveness in ministry. When churches experience mishandling of money, whether  intentionally or by accident, there are usually insufficient internal controls. We’ll focus on protecting a church’s  financial integrity with appropriate internal controls.


Identity Theft -- Ken Lovett

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 1) & Thursday (Workshop 4)

Identity theft is easier to do than you might think, and awareness of the tactics used by an attacker will help keep you and your church from being a victim. We will cover ways that an attacker can gain information about you and use that information to access your online accounts  including your bank, social media, etc. Then we will cover what you can do to make that information less accessible to attackers.


If You're Happy and You Know It, Shout it Out! -- Judy Gay

Offered Thursday (Workshop 3) & Friday (Workshop 7)

We have opportunities on a daily basis to radiate the joy of the Lord!  Whether a ministry office, at home, or anywhere really, we are to be salt and light in a dark world.  Sometimes there are difficult situations and opportunities that come our way, and how we respond to those can greatly impact others in a positive or negative way. We will look at ways to keep the joy in serving others, and why a "customer service" mindset is important, particularly in a ministry office setting. 

In Case of Emergency -- Becky Moyer

Offered Thursday (Workshop 4) & Friday (Workshop 7)

Do you have a Church Office Manual including a written Emergency Response Plan, guidelines for facility use, certificates of insurance, transportation policy, etc.?  It is vital to have these policies established to protect the ministries of your church as written policies can be followed consistently even when you are away from the office.  


Intro to Essential Oils -- Kendra Robinson

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 2) & Thursday (Workshop 4)

Come and learn about the top ten oils to use at home to  uplevel your health and wellbeing. Class covers natural solutions for digestion, immunity, sleep, stress relief and much more!

IRS Reporting Issues -- Don Spencer

Offered Friday (Worship 6)

Most IRS reporting rules for churches apply to all employers.  But there are some distinct rules for churches primarily due to unique tax rules for ministers. We’ll review the reporting process with special attention on W-2 forms for ministers, especially when dealing with minister’s housing allowances, social security rules for ministers, and handling of ministry related expenses.


On The Porch Swing with the King & Kin -- Becky Cossey

Offered Thursday (Workshop 3) & Friday (Workshop 5)

Do you work on ministry projects at home? Serving God is very fulfilling, but we need to set some boundaries. God instituted the family first. We will learn to find balance in our service to God and quality time with our family.


Optimizing Church Software -- Jan Moore

Offered Friday (Workshop 6 & Workshop 7)

Find the best ways to evaluate software so you can choose one that will work for you as well as the basics of how your software should be set up to optimize its effectiveness. You’ll come away with an overall grasp of the “how and why” of church software. This information will be relevant if you want to get more out of the program you currently use.

Personal Budgeting -- Don Spencer

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 1) & Friday (Workshop 5)

We will discuss the need for and value of budgeting and the process of personal and family budgeting. Medical costs have become a major issue in our day due to increasing costs and constant changes. Special attention will be given to current medical costs and insurance issues and how this affects personal budgeting.


Planning for Retirement -- Don Spencer

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 2)

Will you have enough income when you retire? Are your retirement investments the right ones for you? Is your denominational retirement plan the best plan for you? How does retirement planning affect my taxes? Should I be contributing to an IRA?  We’ll address these and other  questions. This conference will provide you a time for a reality check on your retirement planning with a special focus on details of your Church Retirement Plan through GuideStone.


Saying No -- Becky Cossey

Offered Thursday (Workshop 4) & Friday (Workshop 6)

Saying “No” without Guilt.  Being a ministry assistant, we see needs that need volunteers and we see areas in ministry that will fail if we don’t do something. Learning to say “No” is healthy for you.  We will learn how to say “no” without having the guilt.


Situational Awareness -- Kevin Collins

Offered Thursday (Workshop 3) & Friday (Workshop 7)

This course will provide basic instruction and practical applications for daily real world situational awareness and analysis. Situational awareness is often defined as an awareness of your surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations. This awareness begins with a mindset which is developed into a habit and ultimately a skill. Because of this, situational awareness is not just for law enforcement and military personnel. In fact, good situational awareness can and should be exercised by everyone who recognizes that they have a personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being. Situational awareness is not just about recognizing  terrorist activity, it also enables us to identify and avoid potential criminal behavior and other dangerous circumstances.


Stress Free Minute Taking -- Debbie Bannon

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 1) & Thursday (Workshop 3)

Do you panic when asked to take minutes? Do you struggle with what you should and shouldn’t record?  Do you return from meetings with pages of notes that don’t make sense? Here’s help to ease the stress, confusion and fear of taking minutes.


Ten Critical Personal Financial Issues for Ministry Assistants -- Don Spencer

Offered Thursday (Workshop 4)

We all make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them. In this session we’ll review ten critical personal financial areas were too many tend to make mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes can improve how we manage our finances in a way that is compatible with our commitment as a Christian.


The Long Goodbye -- Lisa Yancey

Offered Wednesday (Early Bird 2) & Thursday (Workshop 2)

Alzheimer’s is said to be “the defining illness of this generation…we will either get it or care for someone with it.” Are you prepared? Is your church equipped to minister to the growing number of “the least of these?” With many personal illustrations, Lisa Yancey shares her family’s journey to find grace and wisdom through the stages of “The Long Goodbye”…recognition, grief, family and dynamics and caregiving.


Unconventional Grief -- Peggy Berry

Offered Thursday (Workshop 2) & Friday (Workshop 6)

Unconventional grief occurs when the person we’ve lost is still alive. A loved one may drift into dementia or sink into addiction. Perhaps you have a broken friendship that seems unrepairable. A divorce can be defined as unconventional grief. Both of the parties are still alive and many times in contact because of shared parenthood.  A person we once knew can be taken away by brain injury or mental illness. Whatever the circumstance, our loved one is gone. And still sits at the Thanksgiving table. Unconventional grief involves continuing to live with a person who has become a stranger or to whom you are now a stranger. How do we deal with this type of grief? What does the Bible have to say about this? How can we support one another? Join me. Scripture Reference — Ecclesiastes 3:1-10

Here is a grid that will help you see all of the  Workshops at a glance!