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Association Office Chat

Diana Peacock
Offered  Friday, Session 6

The work of the ministry assistant in the Association Office is somewhat different from the work in a church office. Network with other Association Ministry Assistants and discover what others are doing and how they are ministering in their association. Also learn how to develop a local association-wide mini-conference for ministry assistants in your area. You do not have to be a associational ministry assistant to attend this breakout. If you are wanting to start a secretaries association in your state, then this would be a good conference for you. 

Balancing Life's Priorities: Time Management from a Biblical Perspective

Becky Moyer

Offered Thursday, Session 1 and 3

If you ever feel overwhelmed and desire to calm the chaos, this session will consider time
management from a Biblical perspective, review basic principles of prioritizing and time
management, and share techniques to increase effectiveness.


Beginning Publisher

Becky Cossey

Offered Thursday, Session 4


This class will give you basic knowledge of Microsoft Publisher.  We will walk through on how to create a publication to print and how to make it digital.


Being the Queen God Intended You to Be  

Becky Cossey

Offered Thursday, Session 3


God never intended for us to be overweight.  Join Becky as she shares how she lost over 100lbs without surgery. You will receive tips, info on apps, and an easy exercise program to follow.


Church Safety and Security

David Riggll

Offered Thursday, Session 1 and 2

Ways a church can be ready for violence and pro-active steps to prepare.

Discovering and Meeting Needs

Micheal Summers

Offered Thursday, Session 2 and 4

Discovery - Discernment - Deployment. Learn how to effectively identify needs in your church & community, how to determine the significance of those needs, and how to best meet the needs you can truly impact.

Don't Let the Pandemic Cause Panic in Your Church: How to Prepare & Respond

Becky Moyer

Offered Thursday, Session 2 & Friday, Session 6

This session will address potential liability concerns and ways to minimize your risks
during the pandemic.

Intermediate Publisher

Becky Cossey

Offered Friday, Session 5


Now that you know how to use Microsoft Publisher, we will dive into the intricate details of the publication and learn how to use a mail merge.

MailChimp, An Online Communication Tool

Julia Binford

Offered Thursday, Session 3 and Friday, Session 5

Learn how to use MailChimp for all your communication needs. You can use MailChimp for emails and newsletters to keep members informed in your church or association with a touch of a button.

New to the Church Office

Lisa Anderson

Offered Thursday, Session 1

Ministry assistants serve staff members or ministry leaders of a church, including pastors. They work as a support system, taking a secondary role to further the goals of the ministry leader to engage in activities expressing Christian faith. If you are new to the church office, join us in this class for some helpful information as you strive to be the best MA you can be!

Now Where Did I Put That?

Karen White

Offered Friday Session 5 and 6

Does it take more than a minute to retrieve that document your boss is waiting for? Can you immediately find that latest committee report? If not, then you need to take control of your office before it has complete control of you. We will look at desk organization, file organization, electronic organization, and even personal organization to help you become more efficient and effective as an office professional. Whether you are a new secretary or an experienced ministry assistant this class is for you.

Recognizing and Resolving Conflict

Micheal Summers

Offered Thursday Session 1 and 3

Conflict occurs on multiple levels. Learn how to recognize conflict and acquire tools to help resolve conflict wherever it might occur. The resources shared apply to both the organizational and personal realms of life.

Selected Church Policies

Daniel Whitehurst

Offered Thursday, Session 4

Circumstances will often generate uncertainties for the church administrator that are best addressed prior to a specific occasion rather than in the pressure of personalities and the moment.

Safeguarding the Faithful: Legal Liabilities Facing Your Church

Becky Moyer

Offered Thursday, Session 4 & Friday, Session 5


This session will address both traditional and emerging liability concerns facing churches and how to minimize the risks.

Social Media and Useful Apps

Jeff Wash

Offered Thursday, Session 1 and 2

Identify strategies to making the most of your social media and why it’s important to your church. Identify some useful apps to help make efficient use of your time and workflow in the church.

The Church Has Left the Building

Becky Powers

Offered Thursday, Session 3 and 4

This session will be a discussion format where we will share the innovative ways we remained “the church” even though we were not meeting in our buildings.   As ministry assistants, especially in smaller churches, we are often tasked with being the “communications” person. At a time when that became even more important, many of us may have felt unprepared for the task. Come ready to talk about what you learned and what you feel like you still need to know, what worked well and will be continued and what didn’t work.  Our goal will be to share ideas that might be useful to others in similar situations as we strive to keep the lines of communication open between the church, its members, and the community.

What is Canva?

Julia Binford

Offered Thursday, Session 2 & Friday, Session 6

Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The app includes templates and is very
user-friendly. Learn to use Canva to make your publications stand out.

Financial Track

Led by Daniel Whitehurst, CPA, Texas Church Tax, Longview, TX

The Financial Track is for Financial Ministry Assistants and other assistants handling the church’s finances. By choosing this track, you are automatically placed in Session 1, 2 and 3 on Thursday.


Subjects to be covered in this track: 


1. Selected Federal Tax Developments


Relevant subject matter from legislation included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Cares Act and Consolidated Appropriations Act.


2. Internal Controls


With a proper control structure utilizing staff and volunteers the incidents of theft, embezzlement and fraud can be avoided.


3. Selected Church Policies


Circumstances will often generate uncertainties for the church administrator that are best addressed prior to a specific occasion rather than in the pressure of personalities and the moment.